Let’s Be Thankful for Truck Drivers on Thanksgiving

With so much commotion going on for most people this time of year and as we roll into the holiday season, there’s one thing we’ve got to stop to give thanks for-truck drivers, of course! They spend time away from their families so we can spend time with ours. What many take for granted in many professions is having holidays off work that we can enjoy with our loved ones.

For many drivers, this time of year is the craziest and it’s definitely not a time for getting off work. We aren’t the only ones stuck in bumper-to-bumper lines of traffic stretching down the road on our way to grandmother’s house during holiday travel commutes.

Plus, truck drivers are the ones who deliver that fuel for all those holiday travelers to guzzle up to visit their families with.Truck drivers rarely get those home-cooked meals while on the road. While most of us will be stuffing our pie holes with our family’s favorite recipes, drivers have to resort to whatever they can get their hands on that day. Turkeys don’t just “Fly” to our tables. If you’re eating Thanksgiving dinner, I’m willing to bet most of it has traveled by truck to wind up on your plate. 88% of Americans eat turkeys on Thanksgiving which means a “Mind-gobbling” 50 million turkeys were delivered to markets around the nation to prepare for our epic meal times. Essentially, truck drivers are the whole reason you’re able to celebrate with your family and friends each holiday.

Not only would we be starving without drivers who delivered our turkeys, sides and desserts to our nation’s stores-but our favorite tradition wouldn’t happen either. Without the use of helium tankers to fill the approximately 12,000 cubic feet of helium it requires for just one Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons. Other supplies for the parade are also brought by truck. Even if you’re more of a “Cyber Monday” shopper, those goods always still have to be taken from the manufacturer to your house by truck. For all those truck drivers out there reading this, just know that you truly are appreciated.

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