Lanier Tech expands CDL program to meet trucking demand

Truckers aren’t always looked upon endearingly on the road, Edwards said,“Everyone wants to blame a trucker,” he added.Learning these things and more will be the challenge for the eight to 10 expected in the upcoming eight-week summer course the college is offering.The Lanier Tech program presents a few options that other private trainers do not typically provide, Edwards said.
For example, training can be expensive, but some Lanier Tech students can offset costs with the HOPE Career Grant, which is available to qualified students who enroll in majors specifically aligned with industries in which there are more jobs available in Georgia than there are skilled workers to fill them.
And if a student fails the state certification test, they will be retrained by the school free of charge until they get it right.But the biggest aspect is more time spent behind the wheel. Many training programs last just three weeks, Pierce said.“Everybody doesn’t get to start out in a truck like this,” Pierce said.