JR’s Freight Directory – Freight Finders

Allow me to explain a little further. I was working as a freight broker and decided that I wanted to be of more service to the carrier, so I went out on my own and JR’s Freight Finders was born. I was representing 50+ carriers and would find freight directly through a shipper for them at a small finders fee. They would then bill the shipper directly for 100% payment. This service allowed them a great increase in their income. As you can imagine, it became much to difficult to help them all and still have time to hunt new shippers. So…I put together a directory of shippers that work directly with carriers and distributed it out to these carriers at a very nominal fee. This way the carriers would have the shippers at there finger tips and could then contact shippers before hitting the load boards.

After these carriers started using their directories and seeing how beneficial it was to them, some of them started suggesting that I figure out a way to offer this directory to all carriers. So that is what I am doing. I am reaching out to all the carriers that I can to offer my freight directory. This directory is categorized by state in which the shipper ships from and includes company name, trailer type, phone and fax #’s, email address’, contact names and lanes that they run. This does not mean that the lanes listed are the only lanes they run, they are the lanes that I know of at this time. The use of this directory will show a great increase in your income because you will be dealing with the shipper directly. You work with shippers in the same manner as you do a broker.

Face it, carriers just don’t have the time to carry on the task of hunting shippers. That is why they have to use the load boards and work through a broker who then takes a large cut from what the shipper is actually paying to have the load moved. If you work directly with the shipper, that leaves 100% payment to you. It is no more trouble to work with the shipper than it is to work with a broker. The steps are all the same. Here at JR’s we have the time, knowledge and experience to hunt these shippers. Allow us to be of service to you. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.

With all understood, I am offering my directory at the extremely low, one time purchase price of $59.95. This directory is guaranteed to be fresh and use outside carriers. If you find a shipper in this directory that does not work with outside carriers, I will gladly refund 100% of your purchase price. The use of this directory just one time will easily cover the purchase price.

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