Job Description of Logistics

A logistics worker handles a company’s distribution. That usually entails working in a warehouse, packaging, shipping and receiving items. Logistics workers load and unload merchandise from delivery vans, large trucks, airplanes and ships.

Logistics workers may operate heavy machinery used to assist with the distribution process. Others load and unload materials by hand. Some workers are responsible for filling out invoices, and others have to make sure the warehouse is organized and maintained, on top of their regular duties.

Logistics workers must possess the endurance and strength needed to load and unload packages. They also must possess strong communication skills and work well alone or as members of a team.

There are no set criteria to become a logistics worker. Those who handle strictly handle loading and unloading merchandise typically need no more than a high school diploma.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs in the warehousing industry overall are expected to grow by 11 percent through 2018.

Wages for logistics workers vary by responsibilities and title. According to the BLS, logistics workers earned a median hourly wage of anywhere from $11.94 to $24.33 in May 2008.