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Convoy Solutions, LLC is the current owner of the idleAir idle-reduction system and began re-opening sites in the summer of 2010.

The idleAir system, previously named IdleAire, was invented about 10 years ago as the outgrowth of a challenge originally issued to A.C. Wilson, a Tellico Plains, Tennessee, contractor, by his brother-in-law, a long haul truck driver fresh off a New Jersey run.

How could a driver park, shut off the engine (along with its noise, fumes and vibration) and still stay warm or cool while having access to the comforts of home?

It so happened that the challenge came during a vacation stay at an RV park. During the night, A.C. tackled the challenge, sketching the first design for an independent, external system that would deliver to a truck cab the same sorts of services inherent in an RV.

The next morning he presented his sketches to his brother-in-law. A.C. and his partners located an experienced management team who could form a company and take his idea to market.

For the past ten years, IdleAir has further refined Wilson’s original design and made significant strides with truck fleets and travel plazas, as well as the federal and state environmental and highway safety entities.

IdleAir offers long-haul truck drivers an alternative to idling their engines and APU’s during rest periods. IdleAir reopened in Spring 2010 under new management, and currently operates 21 sites in 9 states (see

“WHAT DO I GET?” IdleAir service is $1.99/hour and includes powerful HVAC, standard AC electric inside and outside the cab, 60+ channels of Satellite TV (including Fox News and The Weather Channel), and basic internet.

“THERE’S MONEY ON MY OLD CARD.” Customers who had money on old IdleAire cards still have their balances available, even if they tossed the card. Just call IdleAir Customer Support at (877) 738-7024 to get set up.

SPECIAL PROMOTIONS: Idling uses 1 gallon of diesel per hour, and with diesel costing over $3.30/gallon, drivers can use IdleAir and save $1.30/hr — while you’re sleeping! There are 9 IdleAir sites that have a special $1.25/hr rate through 3/30/11, and registered fleets get a special discounted rate of $1.50/hr at ALL locations through 4/30/11.

For Drivers:

DRIVERS GET HVAC. IdleAir gives you a powerful heating and cooling air system, just like at home. Now you can shut off your engine and sleep better without
the noise, vibration, and stack gases from idling.

DRIVERS GET ELECTRICITY. IdleAir gives you standard AC electric service both inside and outside your cab. You can plug in block heaters, phone and laptop chargers, and any other accessories.

DRIVERS GET SATELLITE TV. IdleAir gives you satellite TV and free basic internet. Stay connected with friends and family, and enjoy your favorite sports, news, and Weather Channel programs.

BUY AMERICAN: ENGINE OFF, IDLEAIR ON. IdleAir is good for America. The energy that IdleAir uses comes from American resources, like coal, gas, wind, and more. You can help Buy American with IdleAir, and avoid idling engines and APU’s that burn foreign oil.

LOCATIONS: IdleAir operates 21 locations nationwide. See the complete list at
GOT QUESTIONS? Call IdleAir Customer Support at (877) 738-7024

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