How to Replace a Lost or Stolen California Driver License or ID Card

If you recently lost your California driver license or state ID card, you can easily replace it by following some simple steps.

Your California driver license will have to be obtained in by first setting up an appointment at a DMV office. Before you set up your appointment you must have your social security number and a phone number where the DMV can reach you.

Next fill out the DMV appointment system form. You will need to select the California office where you want to make the appointment to complete the required paperwork. Check the box “Apply for Replace or Renew a California, driver license, identification card”. Fill out all portions of the form and select the available date and time for the appointment. Appointments at the DMV office can be made up to 30 days in advance. You cannot make a DMV appointment for the same day.

Complete a California Driver License or Identification Card Application form DL 44 or DL 44C. (An original DL 44 or 44C form must be submitted since copies are not accepted.) If you need a duplicate driver license for a minor, they must have parents’ or guardians’ signatures on the DL 44.

Pay the required fee to replace your lost California driver license or ID card. This replacement regular license fee is $22. The replacement commercial driver license fee is $27. The replacement regular ID fee is $24. Reduced fee replacement ID cost is $7.

Provide your thumbprint when asked by the DMV worker. Pose for your license photo when asked by the DMV worker.
You will the receive a temporary ID card/ interim California drivers license that is valid for 60 days. You replacement California driver license or state ID card will then be mailed to your address.