How to Repair a Truck Tarp

You can repair a worn and torn truck tarp to secure and protect your load while in transit. Truck tarps are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs to fit the beds of large and small trucks. The majority of truck tarps are made of a woven canvas or plastic polymer blend that is lightweight and durable. Extensive exposure to high speed winds may cause damage to the connection system or the truck tarp itself.



Trim the frayed edges of any torn sections of the truck tarp so they are clean and flat.

Hold torn edges together and apply a strip of tarp tape that is four inches longer than the tear to both sides of the truck tarp damage. Press the tarp tape to the truck tarp surface so it completely adheres.

Punch new holes in the edges of the tarp with the grommet tool in an undamaged location near where other grommets have failed. Crimp a new grommet onto the newly created hole using the grommet tool.

Secure the repaired tarp by hooking a few bungee cords into the newly placed grommets and attaching them to the truck bed.

Look in the rear view mirror to see the way the truck tarp is moving at high speeds. Add more bungee cords to secure the tarp down onto the load so snugly that it barely moves to avoid further damage.