How to Get Truck Driver Training

Truck driving is an occupation that consistently posts the most job openings. Regardless of the state of the economy, goods need to be transported and that means the trucking industry needs drivers. To join the ranks of this growing profession, however, you need to get truck driver training. These steps explain how that’s done.


Obtain a driver’s license from the state in which you reside.

Initiate the process of obtaining a Commercial Driver’ License (CDL) by getting a state CDL permit. That is done by taking a written examination at your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (or your state’s equivalent), which covers general knowledge and a combination vehicle and air brakes tests.

Consider completing the optional endorsement examinations for hazardous materials, double and triple wide trailers and tankers. Upon obtaining these endorsements, your temporary instruction permit (TIP) will reflect that you are licensed to run that type of machinery.

Research truck driving schools online or through your local Yellow Pages to find a training facility that best suits your needs. Compare the type, quality and duration of each school’s training program. Websites, such as cdl truck list training centers by state.

Choose between a private school, public institution or one operated by a motor carrier. Private schools generally are run by for-profit organizations and train those with an interest in the trucking profession. Public institutions are government funded and include community colleges and vocational training schools. Motor carrier training is operated by trucking companies.

Select a truck driver training school that offers practical and hands-on driving instruction, and then be an attentive learner so you can find a great truck driving job when you complete your training.

Search for a job with a trucking company. Websites, such as, help drivers secure a job sometimes even before they have completed their training.