How to Get a Freight Forward Broker License

Freight brokers are agents who help customers arrange the transportation and delivery of goods via licensed carriers. Brokers are not required to register as carriers as long as they do not take possession of the goods in transit. They do not carry cargo insurance and do not issue bills of lading under their company names. Brokers are required to be bonded to assure that they will pay the carriers’ invoices after they receive payment from their customers. Freight brokers are licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a division of the U. S. Department of Transportation.


Go to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website to register. Complete form OP-1 (Motor Property Carrier and Broker Authority) online. Have a credit card ready to pay the $300 registration fee. Alternatively, you may print the form, complete it and mail it in. Mailed applications may require four to six weeks for processing. FMCSA strongly encourages applicants to use the online guidance and registration.

Record the MC or FF number assigned during the online registration process. This number is required when filing the additional forms listed below. A confirmation letter will be mailed. If you apply by mail, the number will be issued by mail. Your broker’s application will be published in the “FMCSA Register.”

Have your insurance company or financial institution file evidence of financial security in the amount of $10,000 either on form BMC-84 for a surety bond or form BMC-85 for a trust fund with a financial institution. Blank forms are available from the FMSCA.

File form BOC-3 (Designation of Process Agents) online or print the form, complete it and mail it in. The FMCSA strongly encourages online submissions. A list of companies that offer process agent services is found on the FMCSA website .

Begin operations after you receive your license in the mail. You do not have operating authority until you have the license in hand.