How to Find Drop Ship Suppliers

Once you decide what is the product and services you want to sell, you may want to set up your own website or make your own digital catalog, this will be more effective and more economical than print your own catalog, some suppliers have their own catalog for you to put your business card on it, some of them just have one for you to buy from it, but a real drop shipper will never sell to the public also to find the right drop ship supplier you may want to decide if an inventory is needed to make some test of the products, a kit of samples will be great for example a candle kit or a mother’s day kit

Look under drop shipper online at yahoo, look also at and some important associations online were tons of suppliers, distributors and manufacturers get together to make business, they post pictures of the products and sometimes send you a sample for you to try it before buy to find them look under general merchandise association for example.

Make sure you make an small investment in the products, small quantities to verify the quality, delivery time and all the process that take since you place the order until you get the order to make sure you are in the right path, also make sure the availability of the products if they have enough for you to promote.

Make sure the kind of product you like is profitable by sell the samples you order to see the response of the customer or potential customer, to find a drop ship supplier is not difficult will be very helpful if you look under an special category of products, for example home decor, or art or pets supplies.