How to File for U.S. Trucking Authority

U.S. trucking authority is the licensing and permitting that trucking companies need to operate on U.S. roads and highways. The Department of Transportation (DOT) also governs the operation of other types of commercial vehicles such as buses, passenger vans and limousines. Each vehicle must be properly registered with DOT in order to legally operate. DOT has specific steps you must take to ensure that you properly register any trucks you intend to operate on the roadways, according to the specific type of vehicle you are



Complete the online questionnaire to determine if you need to apply for a USDOT Number, an Operating Authority (MC Number), Hazardous Materials Safety Permit, or a Cargo Tank (CT) Number. The questionnaire asks you questions about the types of commercial vehicles you will be operating, if you will be transporting people or products across state lines, if you’ll be transporting hazardous materials, and other questions related to your shipping and transportation intentions.

Obtain the forms you need based on the completed survey. When you finish answering the questions in the survey, a list of the documents you need to complete and submit to file for a U.S. Trucking Authority appears.

Download and complete each form. You can download the forms, one at a time. A popup screen will appear so you can complete the forms one at a time. Follow the prompts in each form to complete the information as completely and accurately as possible.

Submit payment online with each form. When you complete each form, hit the submit button. When you do this, the payment screen will prompt you to submit your credit card information to cover the fee for that particular form.