Grants to Small Trucking Companies

The Environmental Protection Agency has offered grants to small trucking companies, defined as fewer than 50 trucks, for the purpose of evaluating idle reduction technology. This reduction would result in lower emissions along with energy savings. This initiative is part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality.

The Opportunity

Diesel trucks tend to idle their engines often due to such factors as the need to maintain a comfortable temperature in the sleeping compartment of the truck, among others. One of the best ways to improve the gas consumption and environmental impact of these vehicles is through idle reduction technologies. The Environmental Protection Agency offers these grants to allow small trucking companies to implement various technologies and report on their effectiveness.


According to the EPA, this grant is open to entities from all states, United States territories, Native American tribes and possessions of the United States. This includes the District of Columbia, any international organizations, universities and colleges, or any other public or private nonprofit institution.

As stated above, only small trucking companies are eligible for this grant because the Environmental Protection Agency is interested in testing low idle technology on older trucks, which are typically found in small fleets. Because older trucks are more likely to emit a higher level of pollution, it is important to apply these technologies to them.

Grant Amounts and Requirements

The Small Trucking Company Grant Program awards up to $500,000 for the evaluation of this new technology. The Environmental Protection Agency has the option to modify the amounts granted based on the quality of the proposals submitted.

The recipient must be able to show the effectiveness of these technologies through means that are commercially available. Technologies not on an approved list may be proposed by the grantee, if those technologies are commercially available.The Environmental Protection Agency will work in conjunction with the grantee and monitor the grantee’s progress to ensure the results match what was specified in the proposal.Funding may be used to pay for services or partnerships as long as the recipient is compliant with procurement and sub-award procedures.

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