Globalization shapes our identity to the extent that we are influenced by people around us, new and old ideas and beliefs, and even the consciously held notion that we are and will continue to be influenced by globalization.

Media is a powerful tool that affects and shapes everything from our buying habits to our self concept. When global patterns of trade and transportation are portrayed through the media, the effect is to solidify and intensify those patterns.

First, trade ties into the shaping of globalization. This is done by international trade. There are many companies in Canada that are owned by the United States, but the products that sold by the company are made in various locations around the world. The fact that the labor is distributed worldwide means that jobs are being provided for people who otherwise would not have been able to have a job without the factory located where they live. For example, Nike products are sold in many stores and countries but are manufactured in China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. This influences the way people in different countries dress–an aspect of globalization at work. National trade also shapes globalization.
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Second, transportation helps with the connection of how globalization shapes identities. International transportation also shapes the globalizing world. Products can be shipped overseas on boats and planes to other countries. Trucks also play an important part in transportation on land. Bananas are one example of how this process works. They are shipped to places around the world in containers on planes, boats, and vehicles. This influences how the items are transported while also tying into the food part of globalization. National transportation affects how globalization shapes identities. An example would be the fruits and vegetables from British Columbia that are shipped throughout Canada by trucks. This is done because some places can`t hold the proper climate to grow them.

This influences what people in certain areas eat and how often they get that certain type of food. Local transportation also affects globalization. Many people can just take their regular vehicles and sometimes big trucks to local grocery stores or markets and sell their products there. This Influences how and what people eat in their town, meaning that they can get fresh home-grown produce rather than having something that is from a large market. Thus transportation plays a role in the shaping of globalization.

Globalization in the world can be defined by three aspects; media, transportation and trade. They link together and help the world become closer connected