Gift Ideas for a Semi Driver

Semi drivers often live out of their truck for days and weeks at a time away from the comforts of home. Choosing a gift for a semi driver can be a difficult task as they are not home very much to enjoy things that other people do. An ideal gift would be one that they can utilize on the road or that accents their truck and interior.

Truck Accessories
Semi drivers like to accessorize and decorate their rig to differentiate it from the many others on the road. There are a variety of options that would make a good gift, including custom mud flaps, stickers, chrome accessories, custom license plates and bumper stickers. Local truck stops, big-box stores and auto parts stores carry auto and truck accessories.

Truck Comforts
Truck drivers sit for long periods of time in their truck, so being comfortable is important. A seat cushion, seat cover, back-massaging backrest and lumbar pillow all make welcome gifts for truckers. They will give the truckers more comfort while sitting or driving on the job.

Truck drivers spend countless hours in their truck waiting to be unloaded or loaded, or at truck stops due to being limited to only so many driving hours per day. Literature, such as books and magazines, makes an ideal gift that will allow them some entertainment during these down times. Determine the semi driver’s interests and purchase a book or set of books that fit into his interests. A magazine subscription offers fresh reading material on a regular basis that can be read at home or on the road.

Gift Cards
Truckers spend a great deal of time in gas stations and truck stops to refuel, shower, use the restroom or just to stretch their legs a bit. Purchase a gift card to a truck stop that they frequent, or to a nationwide chain that they can find on their travels. This will allow the semi driver to freely choose his own gifts including food, accessories, entertainment or use of the establishment’s showers.

Snack Basket
Having to drive for long periods of time means truck drivers rarely have time to eat actual meals throughout the day. Create a gift basket for a driver out of snack items that can be easily eaten while driving down the road. Snack crackers, chips, dried fruits, nuts and trail mix jerky come in small packages that will each make a handheld snack and that can easily fit into a gift basket.