Georgia conducts targeted traffic enforcement

Georgia law enforcement is carrying out a periodic Targeting Aggressive Cars and Trucks effort on State Highway 400 in Fulton and Forsyth counties through July. The Georgia Department of Public Safety administers the program, with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as a partner. G-TACT is designed to increase driver awareness of the dangers of risky driving around trucks through education and enforcement.

The targeted corridor is from exit 5 (Abernathy Road) to exit 16 (Pilgrim Mill Road).
Law enforcement will concentrate on traffic violations by drivers of cars and trucks that can lead to a traffic crash. The department chose the route because of the number of commercial motor vehicle crashes over the past four years.

Officers are watching for drivers who tailgate, change lanes too quickly, cross the median, drive recklessly, speed, drive in the emergency lane, fail to signal before changing lanes, operate a vehicle without a valid license and for trucks with more than six wheels that travel in the left lane.