Freight Broker Course- Shoulder your Success

Our freight broker license course is unmatched in the online training industry, because we give our students many tools that other online broker courses do not offer, like load board access, transportation database, license filing service and we sell our broker courses for half of the price.

Freight Broker Manual
With over 5 years in the transportation industry we have developed not just an easy to understand self study freight broker course but a transportation network for you to jump start your freight brokerage career. We cover all these topics in our training program. You will be ready to enter this booming transportation industry and always use our materials as a reference point in the future.Other freight broker training courses only tell you what to do, our freight broker course SHOWS you how to do it. Our freight broker training course was designed by online load board and freight brokers in the industry. Utilizing the load board the course was designed from all aspects of the transportation industry the shippers perspective, carriers needs and the challenges of the truck and property brokers.
What makes us different from the rest?
* We are the only training program that give 1 Year FREE membership with a load board.
* We are the only training program that gives a 350,000 transportation database.
* We are the only training program that has freight broker courses under $900.
* We are the only training program that gives 24/7 Toll Free customer support.
* We are the only training program that gives forms and contracts included in their package.
* We are the only training program that includes license filing support.
* Course has lifetime access, NEVER EXPIRE. Some schools have limits on their course WE DON’T.

Even operating as a small freight brokerage you will need a professional website to give the impression to your clients and shippers that you are an established freight brokerage company. When you market your services to shippers they will want to see your website and more than likely, based on how your website looks, (if you even have one at all) will be one of their deciding factors if they want to do business with you. Your website will be the key to describing all your services, testimonials, and contact information.
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