Forklift Driving Health Effects

A forklift truck is a powered industrial truck used to lift and transport materials.The forklift has since become an indispensable piece of equipment in manufacturing and warehousing operations.
Forklifts are mobile vehicles equipped with prongs or forks, and are used for transporting and lifting heavy loads. Workers in junkyards, construction sites, warehouses and many other areas use forklifts on a daily basis, although they may not always be operating them properly. According to, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that 100 workers die each year in forklift-related accidents, while another 20,000 are severely injured.
Forklift Overturns
There are many different incidences that can result in forklifts overturning. However, according to, some of the most common causes include overloading the forklift (which can make it unbalanced and prone to tipping) and driving on an angled or otherwise uneven surface, such as a loading ramp. Forklift overturns can cause serious injuries to both operators and nearby individuals. These include severely broken or crushed bones and collapsed lungs or other organ damage, all of which can potentially prove fatal.
Workers Struck by Forklifts
A worker being struck by a forklift is another common forklift-related accident that can produce negative health effects. According to, these types of incidences are commonly the result of a worker’s obstructed vision, as well as poor operation. Particularly large loads can make it hard for workers to see where they are driving (and who is in front them), and the same is true when driving in reverse. Even at low speeds, forklifts due to their sturdy and heavy construction can inflict broken bones.
Falling Loads
Loads sliding or otherwise falling off of forklifts can also cause serious damage. These incidences can be caused both by operator misuse (such as driving at an angle with an unsecured load) and by equipment malfunction. According to, in one particular instance, a load that weighed over a ton fell off of a defective forklift and landed on a worker’s leg. This injury would ultimately require his leg to be amputated. To avoid such incidences, you should never stand under or near a forklift while it is lifting a load.
Forklifts are commonly powered by gasoline and propane and, in some instances, utilize diesel fuel. According to, in all cases pollution is released into the atmosphere, which can cause environmental damage and health problems (particularly those involving the respiratory system). Gas and diesel are particularly well known for increasing carbon monoxide levels, while propane is a large contributor of the gas nitrogen dioxide, which can also have harmful effects.