FMCSA sets rules calendar

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a new schedule of pending rulemaking, which includes anticipating publishing a Dec. 9 final rule establishing a national medical examiner registry.

Some rulemaking has been delayed for reasons that include a need for further analysis, insufficient resources or staffing and more pressing priorities. Explanations are not always provided for postponing publication and some schedule information is incomplete.

The Dec. 9 final rule will establish training, testing and certification standards for medical examiners; provide a medical examiner database; and require medical examiners to identify drivers they have examined to the FMCSA

The agency anticipates publishing a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for safety auditor certification May 29, 2012. It would require safety inspections or audits and compliance reviews be conducted by a certified inspector, auditor or investigator.

The agency did not provide publication dates for new rules regarding Mexican carriers to operate in the U.S. and distracted driving.