FMCSA plans driver onboard monitoring study

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration plans to assess commercial motor vehicle drivers’ responses about onboard monitoring systems via a questionnaire as part of a field test study.

FMCSA plans for 500 CMV drivers to participate in a questionnaire.

The goal of the questionnaire and study is to determine whether onboard monitoring and feedback will reduce at-risk behavior among CMV drivers and improve driver safety performance. The purpose of the questionnaire portion is to assess CMV drivers’ acceptance of onboard monitoring systems being evaluated in the study.

A series of four questionnaires will be conducted in the baseline (no feedback), intervention (receiving feedback) and withdrawal (no feedback) periods. These questionnaires will address the CMV drivers’ expectations, experiences and attitudes toward onboard monitoring systems and assess changes in their perception over the 18-month study period.

All study questionnaires will be available in both paper and electronic form. The results will be summarized and integrated into the rest of the larger study report that evaluates the effectiveness of onboard monitoring systems in improving safety and driver performance.