FMCSA adds caveat on crash responsibility to CSA websites

As of Tuesday, June 26, reported FMCSA Senior Transportation Specialist Bryan Price, language was added to the public Compliance, Safety, Accountability Safety Measurement System website, the SAFER website and to results from the Pre-Employment Screening Program that underscores the lack of crash responsibility in crash data. “We’ve added language to all our websites,” he said, “to more clearly articulate [the fact that] crash information doesn’t include preventability information.”
According to the information section of the CSA main site, “a caveat is placed wherever [Carrier Safety Measurement System] Crash Indicator-related values are shown. The caveat states, ‘A motor carrier’s crash assessment (Crash Indicator BASIC measure and percentile) and the list of crashes below represent a motor carrier’s involvement in 24 months of reportable crashes without any determination as to responsibility.’”
FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro, in a June 20 conference call organized by the owner-operator members of the Trucking Solutions Group, noted that the agency was considering how to address crash responsibility in the Crash Indicator measurement. The industry could expect, she said, “sometime before the month is out,” a schedule for planned research into how exactly to account for crash responsibility in the CSA system.
“I am committed to carrying out a full analysis of what information we could use and what process we could use to better weight crashes,” she added.
Price was speaking as part of a series of webinars titled “CSA: Proposed Changes to Improve a Solid Foundation,” devoted to educating motor carriers.