Find Truck Freight

When you are a trucker who is paid by the mile, you know that if your wheels aren’t turning, you’re not earning. It’s a fact of life in the trucking world. That means scheduling loads back to back is crucial. Sometimes finding that next load can be a challenge though. If you don’t know where to look for loads, you’re going to spend valuable time sitting. Once you learn the ins and outs, however, you’ll be able to find loads with ease.

Purchase a subscription to a freight load board an online listing of available freight nationwide. Average fees range from $35 to $50 per month. These boards contain hundreds of loads for you to choose from. You can sort loads by point of origin, destination, type of freight and other variables. One examples of these board is

Purchase a subscription to an online freight load board and list your services there. Many shippers use these boards to locate an available truck to haul their loads. This improves your odds of finding freight because shippers are able to view your information and contact you directly when they have a load. To list your services, purchase a membership to the board, choose the “post” option and enter your contact information and the types of loads you can haul. Click “save” when done to post your services.

Stop in a nearby truck stop and use one of the free computerized load boards. A limited selection of loads are listed on the boards, with more available when you purchase a subscription. Truck stops are a great place to get a line on available freight from other truckers who are already loaded and headed out of the area. Load boards in truck stops scroll freight listings continuously. When you see a load that matches your needs, jot down the contact information and call the company immediately.

Use a freight broker a business or an individual who matches drivers with loads. While brokers charge for their services between 5 and 11 percent of the transportation charge if the load pays enough, you’ll still make money and avoid the losses that downtime brings. Choose a reputable broker by checking the company’s Better Business Bureau rating or running a credit check on the company.

Contact local companies directly to ascertain if they have outgoing loads in need of a driver. When a company is having a hard time scheduling a pick up, it’ll jump at the chance to get its freight out of its yard and onto the road when you call.