EOBR Use – A Problem or Relief? for Owner Operators

Electronic On Board Recorder is an instrument which can be installed in the semi-truck. This device is used to record the exact running time of the truck. This will in turn keep the track of the driving hours of the driver. There is a never ending debate on its application to the US trucking industry. This article will discuss some of the advantages of having this EOBR also known as the black box to your truck.
The EOBR regulation will come into effect from 1st June 2012. According to this rule the owner operators and trucking companies who violates the hours of service rule for drivers in the 10 percent of cases will have to install this Electronic on Board Recorder to keep control over there driving activities. The functions of an EOBR will be to record the location where the duty is changed and where the truck is moving. The driver will have the options to maintain the information on the recorder but the recorder will be programmed to keep the original as well as fed information intact for future use. The information will be digitally recorded so that in case of any mishap the safety officials can retrieve the data. EOBR is used in same way as the paper log books are used. It will keep track of all operational and functional processes; record the truck loading and unloading time with location. It will also store the time a driver spends in his sleeping berth.
The Owner-Operator Independent Truck Drivers Association is highly opposing the imposition of this rule. As they say that the paper logs are as effective as the recorder and that the recorder will hinder in the day to day life of a driver and affect his privacy. However the FMCSA is adamant of taking this regulation into effect from 2012. The target will be first only on the hour of service rule violators that will count to some 6000 fleets. Then the rule will be a mandate for more number of carriers.
The trucker who have voluntarily adopted the Electronic On Board Recorder or their carrier company have installed them on their truck find it useful and easy to use. The truck driver can now manage their work time more efficiently. They know how long they have to work .They will drive the truck for 14 hours and sleep for 10 hours, thus driving the truck for no more than 70 hours a week. This way they can plan which available loads they should select. They will also not sit idle and waste their time on the truck stops. After they finish the unloading they can look for more loads by making use of the loadboards.
In case of accidents the recording of the EOBR will tell whether the driver was guilty or not. It will tell precisely the trucker was out of service hours at the time of incident or not. When you first place it in your semi-truck you might face some difficulty to operate in the start. But in long run you would see that it becomes a necessity and also helps you earn more money by following a scheduled work culture.