Drugs and Driving

Drug abuse remains a scourge. It affects every level of our society and no one is immune from the threat of being killed or injured in a crash involving a drug-impaired driver. When drugs are taken and a person drives the likelihood of becoming a road toll statistic increases dramatically If you think drug-taking has little, or even a positive, impact on your driving you could be tragically mistaken. It’s important to bear in mind that it can be hard to determine exactly how a drug will affect your driving ability – impairment caused by drugs can vary according to the individual, drug type, dosage, the length of time the drugs stays in your body, or if the drug has been taken with other drugs or alcohol.

Among certain related drugs (narcotics), tolerance built up to the effects of one drug will carry over to another drug.This is the result of discontinuing the intake of a drug after developing physical dependence. With alcohol this may cause such reactions as mild disorientation, hallucinations, shaking, and convulsions.