Driving Etiquette

What is the saying? “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you?” If drivers remembered this,there would be fewer accidents on our highways today.

Everyone appreciates the good manners of the driver who: signals his turns, makes his stops smoothly, and gradually pulls into the proper lane well before making a turn. This not only shows “good manners,” but can save the lives of others-as well as the driver’s own.

The Courteous And Alert Driver

A good driver is alert, and knows about the local speed limits and the meanings of the signs. The courteous driver does not sneak through at the beginning or end of red lights. DARN! He always uses his signals. He looks before he backs into or out of a parking space and he parks carefully. The well mannered driver dims his headlights the minute another car approaches. If the other car fails to do likewise, he resists the temptation to flash his lights. He uses his horn in emergencies only.

When a courteous driver scrapes the fender or inflicts minor damage to a parked car without its owner present, he leaves a note giving his name, his telephone number, and the name of the insurance company. If the owner is present, the courteous driver exchanges insurance information politely and contacts the proper authorities right away without incident.

Be Considerate of Others
Courtesy is most important to safe driving. The courteous driver considers how his actions will affect those behind, in front of, and beside him, and is alert to what other cars are doing as well. Because of this attitude, he is a safe driver..

Drinking & Driving

In our world today teens face the pressures of drinking. Drinking alone is bad enough, but when you drink and drive you are putting someone else’s life in danger. The most important part of well-mannered driving is to know NOT to drive when you have had too much to drink. If you’ve been drinking give your keys to someone who has not. Your reactions and reflexes are slowed down a lot when you have been drinking. Remember, the courteous driver is an alive one.