Comparing Truck Loading Ramps

Truck loading ramps may be composed of different materials depending on the projected use. While aluminum is the standard material of construction, newer plastic ramps are also making an entry. Most ramps have a serrated surface, which helps for better traction. Bike loading ramps especially are extra wide to help you walk the bike into the truck. With a lot of companies manufacturing and selling truck loading ramps, choosing the right model can be a difficult job. Understanding your specific requirements is the key to making the right decision.
Clarify the purpose. List out the materials you are going to move using a truck-loading ramp. This will help you decide upon the criteria that you need to keep in mind while choosing the right ramp. If you are going to move loads using a heavier loading machine, the ramp will need to be sturdy enough to bear the weight of the loading machine, too.
Search for models. Search on sites like Discount Ramps, Auto Anything and Ramp Connection. Find the category of truck loading ramp that suits your particular purpose. Especially focus on the visuals provided — it will help you check how the system looks and works.
Study and compare features. Scrutinize the characteristics of the ramp based on the requirements you listed out in the first step. Repeat this process with different company models and evaluate similarities and differences. Most models for a specific application will have similar technical specifications — the differences will be with respect to other features like simplicity of installation and maintenance. Compare models for ease of cleaning and storage. Ramps that can be easily dismantled to the smallest sizes will take up less storage space. If a company provides you with detailed drawings on how to install the ramp, it will prove to be of greater value in the end — even untrained staff can set it up at your premises. Also evaluate safety features — these can vary between models.
Evaluate flexibility of design. If, for a given function, there are two or more companies that have the right products, check which one of them is open to providing you customization. This ensures you get a model that built to your specific requirements; this results in optimum utilization of the ramp.
Compare prices and offers. Check the prices quoted by different companies. Find out if there are any special offers or discounts provided. Carefully study the fine print regarding warranty period.