Cargo Freight Company

A big part of starting a cargo freight company is figuring out logistics and costs for moving cargo. Analyze the cost of shipping cargo within the United States by land and water, and into foreign countries. This includes accounting for customs, freight duties and cost of transportation. The general costs for transportation include not just gas, but also vehicle maintenance, driver salaries, tolls and loading and unloading.

Strorage and Shipping
Some cargo freight companies will also factor in the storage of freight in a warehouse during delivery. When freight is shipped, sometimes it ships from one warehouse to another, then is picked up by another driver and shipped to a final destination. This is all part of the complicated logistics solution that you as a shipping company can provide. The companies that do it cheapest are the ones that succeed. Gather information not just on the cost of shipment, but also on warehouse storage. Find several options for storage that you can work into your plan.

Analyze Vehicle Costs
Vehicle costs are another large topic to investigate. Freight trucks must be dependable and fuel efficient. Diesel engines also require specialized mechanics. Hourly wages range from $20 to $50 or more. Find a servicing company that can provide maintenance, or look into hiring a full-time diesel mechanic for your cargo freight shipping company.

Buy a Warehouse or Rent
You will need a warehouse. Look into the prices on warehouses for sale through a commercial real estate broker. They have the best insights into the market and will also give you comparisons on renting a warehouse over buying. Compare the costs and balance your budget accordingly. If you do not want to take on additional assets, renting a warehouse is probably your best option.