CARB Proposal- A Gigantic Trouble for Trailers

In California the refrigerated trailers are not being allowed now, all the old models should be replaced until the next year. So the long haulers will have to worry about this as the cargo will expire. The reefers for them would also expire next year. The problems for them have amplified now. They should replace them now else wise they would mug with more trouble in future. For the purpose the California Air Resource Board has already sent a notification containing a detailed note about the change in scenario of the truck driving jobs. It notifies them that they won’t allow any of the model if it is older than 2001. The notification also contains notes about; what model would be required and what will be the other restrictions. They stated that in future the restrictions would be even more and tighter. They have also stated that the 2002 models should be replaced by 2009. Furthermore it has made very clear that new models would be required in each of the supplementary year.
CARB has anticipated in May 2006 that a cost of $2,000 to $20,000 would be beard for the replacement. This cost would be directly affecting the reefers and the reefer drivers. The replacement would be very beneficial said CARB. They reported that approximately 50% emission could be reduced from the 2001 models and older while about 85% from the 2002 and newer trailer. The vital reason for all these changes and rules were to diminish the emission. CARB reports that they will be successful in doing so with the help of load boards
. They further notified them to register their reefers. This notification was for all the trucking companies of California. They further stated that the outside companies can also register if they want but it is not essential for them. CARB was certain that many of the companies outside the California would also get to them to help them lessen the emission.
A spokesman of CARB named Dimitri Stanich said that they should be contracted immunity from the EPA for the nationwide Clean Air act. This statement was though considered afterwards.
Many of the owners were not pleased with the change as they said it could be very expensive for them to replace the reefers. A reefers owner named Wilson said that he has a trailer whose worth is $20,000 and said that the cost for the replacement is about $80,000. He said he would not be able to replace the trailer and said many other trailer owner were in the same state. Wilson further told that this issue can create severe financial problem for him so he would be unable to overcome it. He further stated that these reefers are very costly and pricey that many of the owners will be unable to surmount including him even if there was much available loads and work. He lastly declared that if because of this proposal of replacement many owners quit, this would create immense problem for all, so the CARB should consider the trailer owner’s proposals as well and help them in this condition, so that everyone stays happy.