Book Your G1 Test

A G1 test is the written theoretical test that drivers must take before getting behind the wheel of a car in Canada. The test is the first step in getting a full license. After the G1 test is completed, the driver must drive with an experienced driver until the G2 test has been completed. The G1 test does not give drivers a full license and a driver cannot drive alone based on passing the G1 license
Contact the Ministry of Transportation in the province of residence to learn the minimum age for taking the G1 test. While it is usually 16 in most provinces, it is better to be sure before beginning preparation for studying. You can find the telephone number of your province’s Ministry of Transportation in the telephone directory or by doing a Google search online.
Read the driver’s handbook for the province in which the G1 test will be taken. It is important to read the right handbook, as there may be different rules for each province. For example, tractors are more common in the prairie provinces than in Ontario and there are specific rules regarding passing them on the road.
Take notes while reading the handbook. Focus on basic driving maneuvers, meanings of traffic signs, the responsibilities of the driver, basic rules of the road and emergency situations.
Attend driving education classes to put the theory into practice, if feeling unsure about the theoretical handbook material. These courses may be offered by school districts, community programs or driver’s education courses offered through the Ministry of Transportation. Research each program available in the local community. The courses are often required before taking the G2 test, which is the actual road test.
Contact the local department of the Ministry of Transportation to schedule your test. Depending on where the test is taken, there may be specific times when you can take the test. In some places, you can just walk in and take the test on the spot.