Blockchain Group Expands

The group formerly known as the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance has expanded its mission and been renamed the Blockchain in Transport Alliance, reflecting its widened focus on all forms of transportation.

BiTA is dedicated to setting standards for blockchain applications developed for transportation. The alliance was formed by tech and transportation executives to create a forum for promotion and education, and to encourage development and adaptation of blockchain applications within the transportation and logistics industries. While initially focused on bringing blockchain technologies to trucking, the group includes several members that have business interests in several transportation modes, including air, maritime, intermodal, pipeline, and rail.

“These organizations wanted an organization to further their interests in blockchain standards, working on the same framework, regardless of mode.” BiTA has also opened offices in London and Singapore because of their importance in global transportation and commerce. Blockchain is a digital database using blocks of secure data that can be used to keep records of information or assets. “Expanding our focus and footprint is a reflection of a broader mission, but blockchain standards in trucking and road freight are still enormously important,” said Burruss.

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