Best Trucking Safety Plan

Trucking can be an exciting yet dangerous profession. Your key to long-term success in the trucking industry is to have an up to-date and effective trucking safety plan. This plan should be updated constantly and required for all of your truckers. How to reduce the likelihood of crashes and basic truck safety procedures are a good place to begin. A safety orientation should be required for all new drivers and yearly update courses must also be required for your experienced truckers. Train everyone and keep on training.
Safety Orientation
A trucking safety plan should contain a robust safety orientation for all drivers. This section covers road safety and defensive driving techniques. How to prevent accidents as well as preventive maintenance for your vehicle should also be covered. Avoiding distractions and maintaining the proper rest is also vital for the safety orientation section of your trucking safety plan. All new drivers should be required to complete this program before driving, and veteran truckers should receive an update every year, with mandatory attendance required.

Hazardous Weather

Bad weather affects us all, and it causes a great deal of trouble for truckers. From ice and snow to wind and rain, drivers encounter difficult weather on almost every trip. Techniques for handling skids and maintaining a safe distance in bad weather are important modules for your safety training program. Handling high winds, rain and flooding on the road are also essential and should be taught to every trucker. Sessions should be filled with practice and ample time for discussion.

Preventive Maintenance

Inspecting your vehicle prior to driving is also an important section in your trucking safety plan. Learning how to properly check tires for wear is often overlooked, yet it is one of the most important topics to discuss in your safety plan. Fluid levels and mirrors must always be checked before hitting the highway. Frequent inspections of brakes and other systems that can wear easily go a long way toward preventing issues before they occur. A solid preventive maintenance program is essential for a successful safety plan.

Drugs and Alcohol

Modules on the dangers of drugs and alcohol must also be included in your safety plan. Ample evidence indicates that even small amounts of alcohol and drugs can impair driving ability, and the effects of both need to be included in your safety plan. The dangers of using alcohol and drugs are great and all truckers must understand the consequences of using them. Your safety training plan does not need to scare anyone, but it must include the results of using drugs and alcohol while driving.