Become an Owner & Operator of a Truck

Many truck lovers aspire to become the owner-operator of a truck. Being an owner-operator of a vehicle, such as an 18-wheeler diesel truck, allows you to make the decisions and be your own boss. Most owner-operators are responsible for buying gasoline, finding work, maintaining their trucks and paying expenses.

Learn to drive an 18-wheeler diesel truck at a truck-driver training school that fits your needs, schedule and budget. Browse the Internet and Yellow Pages to locate schools in your area. Truck-driver training programs typically last two weeks to two months. The longer programs usually have shorter classroom sessions.

Obtain your Class A driver’s license. A Class A or commercial license is required to drive an 18-wheeler truck. It is obtained by passing the Class A driver’s test offered at the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. A fee is usually required to obtain the licence.

Work as a company driver for at least one year. This experience may be needed before taking the big step of working for yourself. The income enables you to save money to buy your truck, and the experience builds confidence.

Purchase your truck. The truck should be in good condition and have good tires, because you will pay your own maintenance costs. A truck should have passed all operating tests before purchasing it. Commercial truck dealerships are similar to car dealerships. Search the Internet for commercial truck dealerships in your area. Some dealerships permit you to browse their inventory and prices online. Truck prices have a wide range, from $10,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The typical price for a basic truck starts in the $20,000 range.

Find work with a company as an owner-operator. Search classified-ad websites for opportunities. Consider the pay and the benefits offered. Only a few companies offer owner-operators benefits, but the search to find them may be worthwhile.