Accounting Software for a Small Trucking Business

Generic accounting software is fine for many businesses, but a successful small trucking business requires its software be specific for trucking to meet the intricate needs of the industry. Trucking company software should be able to track revenue and expenses per mile, load, or truck and have the ability to input additional charges such as detention and loading pay easily.

Truckers Helper
The Truckers Helper full version supports up to 10 trucks. The accounting features in the program include one-step data entry and can provide double-entry accounting reports. Mileage tracking allows you to calculate fuel taxes automatically when you enter load and fuel information. You can upgrade to the fleet version when the company outgrows the full version. Truckers Helper is compatible with Windows. As of 2011, the full version costs $359 and routing and GPS capabilities are available. You can lease the software for $55 per month.

Keystone Systems
Keystone Systems integrates billing, dispatch, settlements, and fuel tax reporting, which helps to prevent errors due to data entry. The report writing function allows you to set your own parameters for reports and will pull the information you need from several files to compile the report. The accounting portion of the program will track all of your income and expenses by trip or truck allowing you to see what routes and drivers are cost effective. Keystone builds the package you need for your business and will quote a price after evaluating your needs.

TruckBytes Provides accounting functions such as tracking income and expenses, creating invoices, and financial reports. The software is available for independent owner/operators and small fleets. The basic software is free as of 2011, but you can add a feature that calculates fuel taxes and payroll for no more than $20 per truck per month.

Truckn Pro 7
Truckn Pro 7 is designed for owner/operators or small fleet companies. The accounting functions include income, expense, revenue and profit and loss reports. The software fills in maintenance reports and tracks driver logs. As of 2011, it’s available for $135, which includes any updates for a year.