8 Benefits to Being an Independent Freight Agent

If you want more money, flexibility, back-office support and freedom to thrive, and are ambitious with a hard-working approach, becoming an independent freight agent could be the best move you ever make. Whether you’re a longtime veteran of the freight industry or a potential newcomer there are several reasons you should become a part of the freight broker business:

1. Independance: Independent agents have more control of business decisions than many others in the industry. At the same time, agents receive deep, comprehensive support from their brokers.

2. Unlimited Earning Potential: Because your income is determined based on your production, you will have the ability to make as much money as you want, as long as you’re willing to work for it.

3. Flexible Scheduling: As an independent freight agent you are free to work however and whenever you please. Independent agents do not need to request time off or call in sick to their boss.

4. Low Start-Up Costs: You can avoid these outstanding costs by working with an already established freight broker. You represent their company but operate with your own customers and work for yourself, through their business.

5. Work from Home: All you need is your PC or laptop to access all of the load boards and a cell phone to handle call-ins on your shipment. Making money while you’re in your pajamas is not a bad gig! It provides flexibility in case you ever want to move elsewhere, because you’re not tied down to a specific work location.

6. Work-Life Balance: As an independent freight agent, you are free to take vacations, get married, have kids, and take sick days whenever you please

7. Security For Your  Family: An agency is an extremely valuable gift that can be extended or passed down to family.It is a chance to position not just yourself, but your family in a place where they can be successful.

8. Be Your Own  Boss: It gives you a clear mind and reduced stress environment, so you can produce your best work without any distractions. The only person you answer to is yourself.

Growth + Change = Opportunity!