2 Causes of High Demand for Freight Brokers

Current market restrictions on trucks and international container capacity are expected to last through 2023.

Shippers are moving to a stronger for a longer pricing cycle, many retailers are increasing their transport cost projections and retailers are already starting to raise prices by 10% to 20%.

The hot market continues to affect truck load carriers ordering new trucks and paying attention to driver recruitment and retention to keep up with customer demand, these issues are also starting to affect another actor in the supply chain: the freight broker.

The transportation hiring data is not following the same trends as shipment volume, something that commonly trended the same in the past.

Candidates leverage their power: As trucking volumes continue to rise, freight brokers have struggled with their own internal recruiting strategies and have started reaching out to industry recruiters.

Charlie Saffro, founder and president of CS Recruiting said “The demand is now greater than ever”, “The way we can judge this comes from companies we have never worked with before. … Lots of companies that start brokerage and don’t even have a name or website, [even] You want to hire freight brokers. “

“Currently, there is a war over talent”, “It’s a candidate market and it’s 100%.” Brent Orsuga, founder and president of Pinnacle Growth Strategies, explained.

Contrary to the trucking industry, in which barriers to entry are becoming more difficult, making it less attractive for potential drivers, the brokerage space is dealing with candidates who understand their qualifications and want a better experience than they currently have.

Growth + Change = Opportunity! How are you going to capitalize on the opportunity as a freight broker, agent or dispatcher?