5 Important Chain Jobs Supply

[box]Demand Planner: These professionals match-up inventory levels with product demand. Experience with ERP systems such as Oracle or SAP is a great plus for those hoping to be hired for these positions. In addition, many of these individuals are certified through APICS or similar supply chain associations, and many others have obtained the level of Six Sigma Black Belt.[/box]
[box]Procurement Manager: These professionals ensure that inventory is being purchased at the lowest cost and sourced from the highest-quality suppliers. This is a hard proposition to manage, and these individuals are tasked with both analyzing the business’ supply-base as well as well as negotiating directly with suppliers. This complexity of the position requires individuals with both an analytical rigor and excellent communication skills. Many are certified through the ISM in the US or CIPS in the UK.[/box]
[box]Supply Chain Analyst: These professionals are often recent supply chain, engineering or finance university graduates, or new graduates of an MBA program. This is a great opportunity for individuals with classroom knowledge to get “real world experience” working with some of the top clients in the field. These individuals are often tasked with both analyzing and presenting their findings to important business leaders, making it an excellent destination for those that have aspirations in owning their own consulting firm, or an executive position within the supply chain itself.[/box]
[box]Distribution Center Supervisor: These professionals manage the fast-paced and highly-complex warehouse and distribution center. In addition with managing inventory as it quickly enters and leaves the DC, the supervisor is tasked with managing a blue-collar team of warehouse workers. Many individuals find this task rewarding though, and this talent pool is often sourced when executives are looking for young, talent with hands-on experience. Advanced certifications in supply chain management and logistics aren’t necessary, but basic understanding on engineering, inventory management and logistics is beneficial.[/box]
[box]3PL Business Development Manager: Because companies continue to outsource their logistics needs, third-party logistics firms (3PL) have a great opportunity for business. These professionals are tasked with gaining new clients, managing the communication, and fighting the necessary fires. A background in account management, finance, sales and marketing is great, as these individuals often have to wear many hats.[/box]
Source: http://www.warehousemanagementsystemsguide.com/